Placing With Us


Referral Criteria

We consider placement requests for young people aged between 10 and 17 years with autism, learning difficulties or challenging/unexplained emotional, behavioural and developmental problems.

We are unable to provide placements for young people who require continuous psychiatric supervision, or who have a physical or profound learning disability.


Referral Process

Email request

In the first instance, please email your referral request information to to include relevant reports for education, social care and health.


Pre-placement assessment

Reports and information are assessed, and an Impact Matching Risk Assessment is completed to understand needs, strengths, behaviours, risks and potential matching against other young people currently in placement. Pre-placement assessment could also include visiting and speaking to the young person where possible and in depth discussion with the social worker or a familiar person.

Accelerated assessment is possible for urgent cases. The local authority must provide all the required assessment information.


Team review

Our team will review all information and decide as to whether the young person’s needs can be met.

Consideration will be given to how the young person may respond to living in one of our homes and what strategies need to be put in place to respond to this.


Planning meeting

All placements are subject to the relevant paperwork and arrangement of a planning meeting prior to the young person’s admission.


Post-placement assessment and outcome agreement

Once the young person has moved into one of our homes, we carry out a post-placement assessment period over 30 days. Within this period of time, we aim to define and agree the individualised care plan and core outcomes with the placing authority.