Welcome to
Florinee Homes

Independent children’s home provider

Our Mission

The sole purpose at Florinee Homes is to provide a safe, holistic, and nurturing environment with a high standard of accommodation, therapeutic interventions, and care for young people. We believe in promoting the well-being and health (both physical and mental) for young people and empowering them to achieve the best they can in life.

Why Choose Us?

Florinee Homes’ goal is to maximise the quality of life of vulnerable young people by providing personalised, high quality homes that promote life changing skills in a safe, healthy, and caring environment.

Our Mission Statement ‘changing lives, one young person at a time…’ reinforces and reflects the empathy, passion and professionalism that is demonstrated by staff at Florinee Homes.

We seek to promote the self-worth of all our young people, providing each young person with their own individual plan created with their input, their allocated Keyworker, other staff members and any relevant external agencies. We encourage young people to participate in meetings so that they may be part of any decision-making process, ensuring we are listening, understanding, and meeting the needs of each individual.

Our Homes