About Us


Florinee Homes was established in January 2017 but our first home wasn’t opened until November 2017. This was Jefferson House, which was originally semi-independent supported accommodation but in November 2021, became an Ofsted registered children’s home. Our second home, Madison House, was opened in August 2019 as a registered children’s home. Both homes are in the centre of Peterborough. For 2023, we will be looking to open another house in a more rural location so that we can increase the services we currently offer. 


Our Ethos

Florinee Homes is very much a young person-centred company, first and foremost. Both company directors, Sue Hessom and Naidre Werner, have previous experience in other caring sectors for young people, but both agreed that there were some areas of looking after young people that could be improved upon and so the concept for the business was created. Whilst ensuring that safer recruitment legislation is followed, the company actively recruits staff members who share our values, ensuring that our young people are given the best possible opportunities and experiences that we can offer them. We make a point of advocating loudly and passionately for the young people in our care, and this ethos will not change.

Why Florinee?

The name Florinee was created in honour of our Mums, Florence, and Irene, who died of cancer. Both very strong women who inspired and supported us to be the best that we could be.